Can The Common Dandruff Cause Hair Loss?

It definitely can. Dandruff occurs when the sebaceous glands produce too much oil called sebum. Our sebaceous glands are located all more than our body. Truly, each and every head of hair strand or head of hair follicle has one.

Why? Because sebum Ampicillin online Drugstore buy helps moisturise the hair, working like a natural hot oil treatment that is very good for the hair. Not only that, sebum also moisturises the skin.

Actually, men generate a lot more sebum than women; this is the reason why men’s epidermis is typically looks less wrinkled compared to a woman with the exact same age.

Even though sebum could be great for the pores and skin, too much sebum isn’t good. Especially in the scalp area, when sebum is not washed off correctly, the oil covers a layer of pores and skin that’s supposed to be shed off. This blanket of dead pores and skin cells will continuously accumulate producing a lump of mass. This accumulation of dead pores and skin cells suffocates the pores and skin underneath, making it an ideal medium for bacterial and fungal development. The infection will cause severe itching and if the dandruff is not treated correctly the continuous scratching can damage the head of hair follicles leading to extreme head of hair fall and hair loss.

Dandruff can be easily be treated by removing the accumulation of sebum on the scalp with a mild shampoo like Nisim. Nisim Shampoo is really a deep cleansing shampoo containing only organic and herbal ingredients. Daily use will get rid of extreme sebum with out drying your head of hair and scalp. Nisim has a unique blend of herbs, amino acids, plus B-complex vitamins so it’s safe to use frequently, unlike normal shampoos which are made of harsh chemicals that may truly harm your scalp after prolonged use. Nisim Shampoo also aids rejuvenate damaged hair and follicles that were damaged as a result of constant scratching due to the fact it is filled with nutrients the hair needs for healthier development.

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