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Birth Control Pills Can Cause Hair Loss

Estrogen is a steroid based hormone found both in males as well as females. However, in females it is present in noticeably higher amounts and brings about the breast development and increases the uterine growth for future conception. Estrogen is used as major component of drugs used as oral contraceptives and in the treatment of menopause and hormone replacements. However, the overproduction of estrogen increases the hair growth by 10% which in turn, results in faster hair fall before time leaving behind the noticeable bald patches on head.

Birth Control Pills: Birth control pills are very popular and are available from 1960s. Millions of women use it and very few have had side-effects. It is taken not only for birth control, but for various other reasons such as acne, hormonal problems and irregular periods. One of the side- effects of the pill is hair loss and not many women are aware about it.

Nowadays birth pills are also consumed for treating acne, hormonal problems and regulating menstruation time. However, consuming estrogen as discussed above causes hair fall. In women having history of hair loss the problem must be discussed with the doctor at the time of prescription only as it may lead to baldness even. In women, hair loss varies from little to lot therefore; those prone to it must take extra care as they may lose all of their hair too.

Estrogen and Birth Control When birth control pills are taken more estrogen is produced in the body and due to this the hair grows very fast. The faster it grows the weaker it is. Since hair will be growing at faster pace, it becomes weak and these results in hair loss. If the hair loss is more, then it will be a worry. If it is necessary to take Pills consult your doctor and can ask whether alternatives that is available. Pills with less estrogen might suit you. If an alternative is found for the pill then it might stop your hair loss.

But not taking the pills isn’t the only solution to hair loss. What you can do is using an organic shampoo that is mild and will not damage your hair. In addition, you should have a healthy diet, rich in vitamins and nutrients, zinc, B6. That way you will improve your immune system, which can be the solution for your long lasting hair loss problem. Easy things to do such as choosing the right shampoo or following the right diet can make you more self-confident about you and the way you look.

When you start suffering from hair loss, you can do a lot of things to help you fight against it and after many trial and error processes you can find out what is the best solution for you. You will discover that some of these are useless in your case, some are useful. But these procedures are important for you to see what you need to do and that has to happen before you decide to stop taking the contraceptive pills.

There are many vitamins and Nutrients which will help in reducing hormonal imbalance. Zinc, nettle root and B6 are easily available and can be taken daily. You are the best person to judge about your hair fall and make out what works for you.

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Natural Hair Loss Solution For Women

When a woman starts to experience hair loss or thinning hair, this can be a real terrifying time for her.

Losing a few hair strands a day is normal. Every single day, the hair follicles go through their normal cycle. There are actually three phases in hair growth — the anagen phase(growth), catagen phase (shedding) and telogen phase (resting). So if hair shedding is normal, when should you start worrying? As most medical sources would say, shedding an average of 100 hair strands a day in normal. Losing more than this is considered to be abnormality in the hair cycle. But in reality, you can’t really count all of your shedding hair in a day, right? So a good indicator would be the number of strands you find on your pillow in the morning, the amount of hair left on your hairbrush, or hair strands you find on your clothing. If the amount seems to be more than what you usually see, then you can say that you are losing hair.

Women put a lot of of time and effort on their hair since it is their “crowning glory”. It’s not vanity, but whether we like it or not, hair loss can really be mess up a girl. Fortunately, that unlike men, hair loss in women is more likely to be a temporary state.

Stages in a woman’s life may cause hair loss like pregnancy and post-pregnancy due to hormones. A number of conditions can also cause temporary hair loss like nutritional imbalances and hormonal imbalances. Even the intake of birth control pills can cause hair loss in some women. Stress, rapid weight loss, extreme dieting, menopause, excessive use of hair products, overzealous hair styling – all these can lead to temporary hair loss.

These situations and conditions can easily be managed if only you try to find and determine what caused hair loss or hair thinning, in the first place. As most of these conditions are temporary, there is no need to undergo invasive procedures or take potentially harmful medications.

If you want to control excessive hair loss easily, Nisim Shampoo and Conditioner is one of the natural solutions you can use. The shampoo alone will bring the excessive hair loss under control while the conditioner will leave your hair smoother so that even brittle hair will have lesser tugging and lesser breakage. There is also a stimulating extract that help to restore your lost hair. As the actives in these formulas are herbal and organic, there are no harmful side effects.

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Five Ways To Make Your Hair Increase Fast And Longer

Almost everybody wants their hair to grow fast and long, but not many have thought how they can obtain a healthier looking head of locks. Often people damage their locks without even knowing. Here are some ideas that can help hair grow fast and long while looking healthy and amazing.

1. You’re what you eat, having a balanced diet will almost certainly increase your hair quality, drinking the advised 8 glasses of water daily will flush toxins from your body and keep the pores clean allowing new hair grow. Water improves the moisture contents in the skin which is a plus for your hair. Fruit and veggies like carrots provide the body with the necessary antioxidants and mineral which improve not just your skin, but also the quality of your hair.

2. Without even knowing, we do a great injustice to our hair when washing it. Our body produces natural oils that protect and conditions hair; however, if we wash our hair with harsh shampoos or soap we strip this oil away causing our hair being dry and susceptible to damage. To prevent this from happening, you only need to use water or just conditioner purchase nolvadex when washing your hair. A good practice is to brush your hair from the root to the tip prior to washing, this will deliver the natural hair oils evenly through your tresses.

3. Some prescribed drugs will affect the growth of your tresses, so you should consult with your physician if changes occur in your hair after using new or increased doses of medicine.

4. Certain changes in the human body will impact the overall health of your mane. Hormonal changes due to pregnancy and nursing can affect how your hair grows and its length, in some cases depression can also affect your hair.

5. People who enjoy swimming should wear a swim cap to prevent the chlorine from damaging their hair.

Last but not least, you want regular massages and hair tugs. A head massage is done by using oil on the scalp and using the tips of your fingers to massage the oil in. You may also perform hair tugs where you gently pull at your tresses and hold the hair follicles for a count of ten. Give yourself a hair tug and head massage every other day. These are the simple steps you have to follow to make Your Hair Grow Fast And Long.

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How To Grow Hair Swifter – 8 Top Points

How to grow hair long? This can be a question that lots of women and men who are losing hair are desperately looking for the answer too. While it’s true that the average rate of hair growth is between one half to one inch per month. It is also true that these numbers aren’t set in stone and represent only an average.

Truth is your locks can grow faster with the right procedures. So in this article I will reveal simple ways to increase the rate at which your hair grows.

Here are my eight tips:

1. Hair consists of keratinized protein. To Grow hair fast, make sure what you eat includes a good amount of protein.

2. In addition to protein, consume a lot of vegetables and fruit and also nuts, seafood, whole grains, and dairy food like egg-whites and milk.

3. Vitamins are also essential for fast hair growth. The best sources of vitamins for hair are vitamins B, C and Biotin. Make sure that you include minerals like selenium, silica, magnesium, sulfur, zinc, flax seed oil, and nettle. Vitamin C enhances the overall health of your system, so make sure you have lots of this important nutrient so that you can grow hair faster.Research studies show that Biotin supports the growth of hair cells. Furthermore, it can help create good fatty acids, is important in metabolizing fats, and producing amino acids that are necessary to grow hair faster.

4. Amino acids should also be used as a supplement to enhance hair growth. Amino acids make up proteins which, as point out before, enable your hair grow.

5. Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is also a great vitamin for hair growth. It prolongs the anagen phase of hair growth. To obtain the best results and grow hair fast, use both supplements.

6. If you’d like to know how to grow hair long then stimulate blood circulation to the scalp. Increasing the blood circulation to your scalp also helps grow hair fast. There are some methods to boost blood flow, but the most effective is aerobics which you should be doing four times every week for 30 mins.

7. Another way to increase blood flow to your scalp and increase your mane faster is to massage the scalp. Use your fingertips and massage the entire scalp using small circular motion. You only have to apply it for 10 mins four times weekly.

8. A different way to enhance the growth of your hair is to use Arjuvedic hair oil. The best one is Mira hair oil. Apply it onto your scalp and massage the oil in, when you’re done clean it away with a natural shampoo. Your scalp is going to be moisturized and new hair follicles will be awakened with this remedy.

Those are the methods in order to grow hair long, use them at a minimum three times per week and you will be paid with a longer and thick hair in no time.

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The Best Way To Mature Head Of Hair Prolonged Rapidly

The older you get the extra you wonder the best way to expand hair very long quickly. For many women the dream to have lengthy head of hair fades with every passing birthday. The problem is that our bodies do not work too as they once did and are not producing the nutrients we require. And yet once in a while you do see an older person with extended, lustrous locks.


If your parents had excellent hair perhaps you are lucky to inherit it. It is possible to neglect it, even punish it, and it will stay lustrous and thick. But this is not what usually occurs in real life. If you might be one particular of the lucky ones, though, thank your mother or father, whoever gave you the excellent hair. If not, discover what you are able to do to get it in spite of your heritage. Right here is how you can expand head of hair prolonged quickly.


My Indian neighbor finally took pity on me the day she walked into my kitchen and discovered me applying raw eggs mixed with olive oil to my pathetic, dry and skimpy locks. She knew my brother’s wedding ceremony was quick approaching and I hat to figure out how to develop hair long quickly or risk disgracing my entire family. She went to her apartment and brought me a bottle of hair oil. Guaranteed length and sheen by the wedding. Put a few drops on, leave, wash out and that’s it.


The ingredients on the bottle are too numerious to mention now, but right here are some: Hibiscus Abelmoschuns Extract. Bhringraj. Phillantus Extract. Amla. Shikakia. Coconut Oil. Aloe Leaf Extract. These and a lot more were contained inside the bottle and, although she said I only need use it 3 times a week, I employed it each single day ’til the wedding ceremony. I am not a single one to believe in miracles, but I’ve changed my mind. This has indeed worked like a miracle which has taught me tips on how to grow head of hair lengthy quickly and it looks gorgeous now, and just in time.

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The Way To Grow Curly Hair Fast – 7 Points

So you want to grow locks fast but you are finding that regardless of what you do it does not seem to grow. Curly Hair is often dryer and this poses some difficulties. Well, in this article I will reveal simple ways to help grow your curly mane.

1. One of the more essential things to do is to make dietary changes. Hair is made up of a particular kind of protein called Keratin, so making sure you have enough in what you eat will make hair healthy. Consuming foods from all the recommended food groups is really important to your health anyway, and making sure you’ve more protein in what you eat can help your curly hair grow faster. Some foods that contain proteins that can benefit you consist of: nuts, poultry, fruits, grains and eggs; bacon is another food full of the proteins and the Vitamin B complex, but it’s also high in fat content.

2. In fact taking a vitamin supplement is usually good idea and there are several multi-vitamins that you can buy that could fit you. There are other health supplements believed to help with hair growth like: biotin, beta-carotene, and biosil, B-Complexes, magnesium, Sulphur, zinc, silica, nettle and flax seed oil.

3. A good quality supplement for hair growth should consist of all of the nutrients required for good health plus for good hair growth; especially biotin and MSM. Biotin helps with cell growth, the making of fatty acids, and the metabolism of fats and amino acids. MSM helps in lengthening the hair’s growth phase allowing your hair to grow longer. You don’t need to use an amino acid for growing longer hair as they are the building blocks of proteins. Amino acids are normally found mostly in animal meats like poultry, fish, eggs and also dairy food. Most People in the usa consume enough of these proteins that they’re consuming the correct amount of amino acids; only strict vegetarians should be concerned and maybe add the supplement to their diet plan.

4. You can also stimulate blood flow to the scalp; one way to do this is by doing cardio exercises. Cardio workouts actually have many benefits like: staying fit, being healthier, giving you a glowing skin and increased blood flow; one more benefit is it helps with hair growth.

5. An additional way to stimulate blood circulation is by massaging the scalp. Use the tips of your fingers and simply massage your scalp all over your head for about 5 minutes.

6. Another thing you shouldn’t do is over brush your mane and do not use a bristle brush this can damage your hair. Boar bristle brushes however are actually good for your hair as they apparently help to keep it clean, stimulate the scalp and help to distribute the oils in your scalp making for a glossier look without damaging or leaving split ends.

7. To increase Head of hair Fast you should also try Mira hair oil, it’s all natural oils and herbs ideal for hair growth. You can easily use by applying it at night and washing it off in the morning. Try the coconut oil one because it has the best results to make your locks grow fast.

These are the seven basic steps you need to follow to assist to increase head of hair fast. Patience and regularity are the key to success in this plan.

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Five Proven Techniques To Increase Natural Head Of Hair Swiftly

One’s curly hair can turn into fragile due to a variety of components. Some of the key ones are unhealthy diet and the pollution of an people living environment. Also, issues such as bad weather conditions and some locks solutions may lead to one’s tresses drying out and breaking or falling off. The excellent news is that human head of hair continuously grows and goes by way of the cycles of renewing itself. There are between twenty and thirty of these cycles in an average lifetime. If you’ll like to expand pure locks swiftly and make it extended and bright, you need to take a look at a number of the suggestions I will now describe in this article.

Tip 1: Use curly hair merchandise that will nourish your mane correctly. This is greatest achieved in the event you purchase shampoos suitable for the curly hair kind and when you use hair masks or treatments to get rid of dry ends regularly. Also, the employing a gentle organic shampoos each once in a although will be of excellent benefit to your locks giving it the gentle touch it wants.

Tip 2: Supply your mane with nutritional dietary supplements and trace components to nourish it from the inside. These come in various kinds of capsules and are helpful if your curly hair reacts badly to the change of seasons. Elements such as calcium or mineral salts are also beneficial supplements to use when you wish to mature natural head of hair quick.

Tip 3: Did you ever notice that it feels great to massage your scalp? If not, you need to try it. You will see it will do wonders for your tresses. This is simply because such massages tend to stimulate blood flow to your scalp, which leads to far better intake of oxygen by your locks and as a result quicker growth.

Tip 4: Should you do not own a brush made of all-natural fibers, you must obtain one. This is going to be a lot far more humane towards your locks, specifically if you’d prefer to expand normal curly hair fast.

Tip 5. Nourishing your mane and giving it proper daily treatment are of crucial importance when attempting to expand it. For good locks nourishment, it is possible to start employing Mira head of hair oil. This oil contains a number of herbs and it improves a greater blood circulation in your scalp. This oil improves nourishment and helps you grow pure curly hair swiftly and make it lovely at the exact same time.

To sum up, the initial step towards growing lengthy and attractive curly hair is dedicating time to its care. You might be now aware that so numerous environmental components contribute to poor head of hair quality, but it is possible to do numerous items as I describe above to counteract these variables.

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How To Make Your Hair Grow Quicker Without Chemicals

Would you like to discover how to make your hair grow fast? Even when you have started to suffer a loss of hair. The answer’s yes. You can prevent your hair loss making it grow faster. If you take the right action soon enough.

The initial believed that comes to mind for most people when they wish to grow hair fast are “chemical treatments”. It is just recently though we are getting to be more concious of their side effects and the risks they are taking with their health when they use such methods.

Unwanted effects like decrease of libido, erection problems and hormonal changes, and these unwanted side effects are not restricted to men and even worse is the fact that these side effects aren’t temporary either. How many people are really want to risk their health for their hair? The answer’s very few but most people do not know what they’re letting themselves in for.

The answer is to use natural and organic remedies.

That’s why, now people in increasing numbers are choosing other solutions to regrow locks naturally. Like natural and organic solutions and vitamins and proteins. Nearly they have no side effects but they work as well as, if not a lot better than “chemical solutions”.

One of the vitamins that men and women have been taking in ever increasing numbers is biotin, since they know this is one sure-fire way of how to make hair grow quicker.

Biotin is a vitamin to make hair grow quickly and integrating it with other natural treatments to stop the loss of hair.

There are natural treatments that also act to block production of DHT just like saw palmetto, stinging nettle and other natural ingredients, which are all available in vitamins for hair growth, or hair supplements. These consist of all the proteins, minerals and vitamins you need for your hair as well as stopping DHT which induces hair loss.

Many people don’t have the time to sit down and look at everything they are eating and this is how taking vitamins and natural supplements comes in.

Other piece of the puzzle that you need to complete the jigsaw is a shampoo. Having a gentle shampoo on your head of hair with a neutral pH may prevent hair damage and help your hair to grow as quickly as it can possibly grow.

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How To Develop African American Curly Hair – Fast Curly Hair Growth Suggestions

African Americans generally have curly and kinky head of hair. But to help keep up with the trend, most women of this race have straightened their head of hair by means of several strategies. Some have chemical relaxed their hair whilst the others select to use the hot tresses tools this sort of because the iron and blow dryer. Unfortunately, the use of harsh chemicals and intense warmth for your locks only results in dry head of hair prone to split ends.

Now the question is how then can these African American females develop their curly hair longer in a healthier fashion? Locks experts point to keeping the moisture of your locks to more than 15 percent. Normally, a person’s hair moisture is from eight to 10 percent. But when a woman frequently uses head of hair styling tools that utilize high warmth these types of as the blow dryers as well as the flat and curling irons, the tendency is for your curly hair to become dry and brittle. This then lowers the hair’s moisture content to even below the normal eight %.

You will find a number of basic strategies that African American women can adhere to to attain longer head of hair more quickly. The key is to be consistent in practicing these approaches to attain the desired hair length.

Pure items. A single with the most critical tip is always to stay away from solutions that contain harsh chemical compounds. In other words, go all-natural. You’ll be able to begin by developing the habit of generally reading the label in the locks merchandise you purchase. What you need to aim to get are those that use organic oils to keep your African American tresses moisturized up to the ends.

You must realize that the tresses, just like the body, needs vitamins for nourishment. So what you really should do is look for nutrients such as crucial fatty acids, Omega 3, Omega 6 and organic oils these types of as olive, safflower oil, jojoba, sunflower oil and wheat germ.

Eat appropriate. To supplement the normal curly hair goods you use, make confident you also eat the appropriate diet specifically one particular rich inside the essential fatty acids. To benefit from these fatty acids, opt for that polyunsaturated ones this sort of since the linoleic acid and alpha-linolenic acid. These two are part of the Omega 6 family. They might be found in vegetables notably the green leafy ones, nuts, grains, fruits and seeds.

Moisturize typically. Practice shampooing and conditioning your tresses typically making use of the pure locks products. When you can do it each day, so a lot the far better but please do not wash your tresses just once a month. Right after rinsing, use an extra head of hair lotion.

Deal with with hot oil. It is possible to do this at residence to save time and cash. As usually, go pure. Try mixing olive oil and safflower oil and warmth it within the microwave oven for about 10 to 15 minutes. When warm, apply this in your scalp.

Be gentle. Treat your curly hair with gentleness as generally as you may. It’s your crowning glory right after all. So make it a point to adhere to the initial steps on a regular basis and for certain, you’re on your way to having a healthy and quicker growing African American hair.

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How To Increase Hair Longer And Swifter

So you would like to develop head of hair longer and you might be wondering if it’s indeed achievable! Expanding curly hair lengthier is achievable when you adhere to seven basic steps which I will now describe to you:

Preserve your mane clean, you ought to wash your tresses at least once every week. You have to use a shampoo that has no sulfates in it. Sulfates will strip away healthy sebum and prevent you from rising hair longer

Deep situation to develop head of hair longer- the general rule is this, each time you get your mane wet be confident to issue it with an oil treatment, a superb 1 I recommend is Mira natural oil.

Use a fantastic natural head of hair oil to maintain your scalp moisturized, when it comes to rising lengthier hair you need to make positive both your scalp is well moisturized

Use vitamins to develop locks longer and quicker, good vitamins are biotin and prenatal pills; they have been proven to give you lengthier and thicker tresses

Make sure you workout at least 4 times a week for 30 minutes, workout will pump blood all over your entire body and scalp and enable nutrients to go into your tresses and scalp for swifter curly hair growth, The sweat will also clean out your clogged tresses pores for healthful thicker tresses

Use a superb immune system booster, a great one is Indian ginseng, an optimized immune technique will let you to expand lengthy head of hair fast! Getting enough sleep is crucial for a superb immune method, so you should get at least 8 hours of sleep.

Finally use an excellent arjuvedic herbal oil-as I mentioned above a great one is Mira oil. If you use it at least twice per week, you locks will grow quicker. To make use of, basically massage the oil onto the scalp making use of your fingers and make certain it penetrates the roots and suggestions of your tresses.

Do not forget to drink lots of water to maintain the human body wholesome, water will flush away toxins and permit your head of hair and physique to function correctly as nature intended.

In case you comply with these uncomplicated methods you’ll Grow hair lengthier And Quicker. These measures have been proven with time to work!

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