Excessive Stress Could Cause Hair Loss

Keeping yourself fit and healthy don’t just makes you feel good, it’ll make you live longer too. Having regular exercise, eating a good diet and taking your vitamins daily is one of the basics to help keep yourself in good condition. But are you aware that going out and having a good time is part of keeping yourself healthy too?

Every single day we wake up early in the morning to go to work and go back home late in the afternoon or evening. This is done daily, Mondays through Fridays – some other jobs from time to time need you to work even on weekends specially when catching up with a deadline. Not only that, consider the stress you’re experiencing at work. Stress can cause hormonal or physiological imbalance, and this isn’t good for your body. That’s why a lot of people get nervous breakdowns, heart attacks, or hair loss just because of stress.

Can stress cause hair loss? Definitely, stress related hair loss can be found in men, women and children. The internal changes in the body force the hair to fall out. Hair loss is usually in patches or may present as generalized hair thinning. This sort of hair loss is called telogen effluvium, where all hair somehow reverts to the telogen (resting) stage of the normal hair growth cycle. The telogen stage is the stage where hair falls out. Normally, only 10% of hair is in this stage but due to stress, almost all hair turns to this stage.

Don’t worry, this sort of hair loss is temporary. Therefore, you have to take it easy and relax to avoid telogen effluvium.

To help stimulate your hair to grow back healthy, it’s recommended to use a nutrient rich shampoo like Nisim Shampoo and Conditioner. These special hair treatments contain natural herb extracts, amino acids and B-complex vitamins that help rejuvenate hair growth to stop you from losing hair.

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