Find Out The Many Types Of Hair Loss

When it comes to loss of hair, everyone wants to know the most effective treatment to fixing this condition. Before finding a solution, it is important that you recognize the type of hair loss you are experiencing. Every type of condition has its own possible solution, so to effectively eliminate this problem, you need to discover the various types of hair loss. This way you can easily solve this condition without any difficulties.

Androgenetic Alopecia is the most common kind of hair loss that is also known as male or female pattern baldness. The cause of this kind of baldness is uncertain, but with studies, it is thought of to be genetics. This means that if someone in your family suffers from this condition, you are most likely to experience it as well, which is why it can occur in men and women in whatever age they are in.

Another type of hair loss which is a more temporary form is telogen effluvium. Within a few months, the hair should grow back so this form is not something to worry about. You can usually spot this form of hair loss when there is a loss of small patches of hair. Chemotherapy and other medical treatments can be a cause for this. Certain types of medication may also trigger this kind of hair loss. There is no solution to this but just wait for the hair to grow back in those spots.

Permanent hair loss damage can occur when the roots are destroyed. This is known as anagen effluvium and may be due to a specific sickness like diabetes, immune disorders, thyroid, and possibly stress. How you can solve this problem is by getting medical advise from a doctor who can give you the possible options for your condition. Most of the time, those who suffer from this problem turn to using hats and wigs.

Hair regrowth is also possible with doing surgery. There are hair plugs that can be transferred from other parts of the body to the areas that have no hair. Doing this options requires money and time especially since it is a procedure that consists of many sessions. Prior to going through with this procedure, make sure you learn all about it so that you don’t end up getting disappointed by having high expectations.

With knowing the various types of hair loss, you are able to really understand what may have caused your condition, and what are the proper solutions are available for you. This way you can stop suffering from this problem and feel confident about yourself again.

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