Hair Loss And Cancer

Anyone knowing that cancer has struck them is terrifying news. Although cancer can be treated, especially on the early stages, modern medicine has developed ways to treat cancer effectively, and successfully decreased the mortality rate of what used to be untreatable types of cancer.

Knowing that the patient is going to have chemotherapy, the most depressing part of this treatment is hair loss. Most patients, especially women, always ask if the procedure will cause their hair to fall out. Unfortunately, hair loss is always expected when undergoing chemo.

All patients who undergo chemotherapy will lose all their hair and this involves your body hair like: chest hair, facial hair, underarms, pubic hair, and every strand of hair in the body will be expelled. Why? Because this treatments attacks fast growing or rapidly multiplying cells. Cancer cells are fast growing cells, unfortunately, chemotherapy isn’t cell specific, meaning this treatment will kill every cell that’s growing rapidly including normal cells like cells responsible for blood production, cells for reproduction and many other fast growing cells including hair cells.

There is nothing more devastating for a woman than to lose her hair. For some women, major hair loss can be a great stressor and cause severe depression. In children, hair loss can lower their self-esteem and self confidence, making them unable to face their peers.

What to do about hair loss during chemo?

Since chemotherapy treatments last for a few weeks or depending on what is prescribed, there is really nothing you can do about the hair loss, so the best option is to wear a wig. Some men like to wear hats but women obviously will prefer a wig. A lot of patients are wary at first but once they’ve tried it on, you can’t help but notice the smile on their faces; sometimes they get teary eyed too.

Fortunately, this type of hair loss is just temporary and hair will grow back after the treatment. To make your hair grow faster it is recommended to use an all natural herbal shampoo and conditioner like FAST or Nisim Shampoo, both products are rich with nutrients to help rejuvenate and speed up hair growth.

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