How Does Dandruff Cause Hair Loss?

Dandruff is the situation where the dead skin cells and white flakes are shed off from the scalp. Sometimes you’ll never know you have dandruff until you really feel the unbearable urge to scratch your head. Oftentimes you will find white flakes embedded in your fingernails but should you use the palms of your fingers, then most likely your friends will discover the flakes on your hair or shoulders – completely embarrassing.

To make you really feel much better, there are a lot of people suffering from dandruff. Nearly half the human population — about 40% — suffer from dandruff. Lots of individuals most likely don’t know they even have it.

The over secretion oil is said to be the culprit of dandruff, this oil is commonly called sebum. Sebum is secreted by the sebaceous glands located on each hair follicle. Sebum gives an crucial role in keeping the scalp and hair moist. Males typically produce a lot more sebum than women; this may be the reason why a woman’s skin ages quicker than males.

But too much of a good thing may cause 100 mg harm. Too much oil build-up can clog the skin. The skin is a workhouse; it continuously produces new skin and sheds off older skin. Think of it as layers of skin where the bottom portion is the new skin slowing going upwards and the outermost portions are the older skin being shed off. Now to much sebum production soaks the outer dead skin with oil and with continuous skin shedding, this produces a lump of dead skin cells which is ideal for bacterial growth. This is now the cause of severe itching which can result in hair loss.

To control dandruff and hair loss, you should control excessive sebum manufacturing and also the greatest method to do it’s by washing and cleansing your scalp frequently with Nisim Shampoo. This really is a deep cleanser that gently removes excessive oil on the scalp with out leaving your skin and head of hair dry. It contains all natural ingredients so it’s safe to use every day with causing any damage to your scalp and head of hair. And also the greatest factor about Nisim is that it prevents hair loss because of dandruff.

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