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To keep yourself looking your best, it is essential to take care of your hair. The way you fix up your hair reflects a lot about your personality. Women for instance, value their hair very much – it’s their crowning glory! Women value their hair much more than men. Yes, probably everyone will agree on that, but men too love their hair, they just don’t realise it until it is gone. Majority of men don’t really care about their hair – combing or styling regardless of what product they use and when hair loss starts, they spend a lot to get their hair back.

Men usually starts to lose their hair in their 30s, some unfortunate individuals start to lose hair at a very young age. Take for example, pop star king Neo who started losing his hair in his teens – it runs in the family, he says.

Hereditary hair loss is called Androgenetic alopecia or commonly called “male pattern hair loss”. Although this type of hair loss is mostly seen in men, women are also affected, hence the term “female pattern hair loss”.

In males, the typical hair loss pattern starts with a receding hair line and slowly goes up to the crown of the head. Later stages show total hair loss on the crown and leaving just a rim of hair on the sides. In worse cases, total hair loss or baldness can occur.

In females, hair loss pattern is very different from males. Females only experience generalized hair thinning and rarely will you see total baldness.

To help fight the effects of hereditary hair loss usually due to dihydrotestosterone or DHT, use Nisim Biofactors. This special deep cleansing hair treatment is made of natural herbs, amino acids and B-complex vitamins that nourish the hair follicles to promote hair growth. Nisim Biofactors consist of a shampoo, conditioner and stimulating extract. The shampoo and conditioner provides all the nutrients the hair needs and also contain an herb-derived DHT inhibitor. The Stimulating Extract further enhances the DHT inhibitor effect of the shampoo so for this reason the extract is not a standalone product and should always be used with the shampoo.

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