Losing Your Hair?

Hair loss is a natural part of the body’s process of renewal. There are too many reasons to list here as causes for but be assured it affects many, many millions of men, women and children around the world. The medical term for hair loss is Alopecia. Androgenic Alopecia may not be a term you have heard but it accounts for nearly ninety five out of one hundred cases of hair loss in men; it is usually referred to as Androgenic Alopecia, and it’s hereditary.

Some people only loss a small amount of hair and this is often down to a poor diet and is worth checking with you specialist. Exposure to chemicals or cosmetics, hormonal imbalance, stress, anxiety and mental tension are some of the other causes. No matter what the reason, it is worth remembering that it is only if the hair follicles are damaged that can make the condition permanent. Often mistakenly thought to be a strictly male disease, women actually make up forty percent of American sufferers.

In fact, hair loss is also common among women as they age although with women a thyroid condition is one of the more common causes. By the time they reach sixty, forty percent of women around the world will have experienced loss of some form or another. Some women also have a hair loss problem when they are pregnant; often lasting many months after the child is born. In America approximately thirty million women suffer from female pattern, hereditary baldness at some point in their lives.

The chances are a women will lose hair are increased as they age may be attributable to a thyroid condition. It is not just in America where four in every ten women will suffer from it because this is a global figure for women by the time they reach sixty. Pregnant women are sometimes susceptible to some hair loss often lasting until after the child is born. Also surprisingly, it is not only men that suffer with hereditary baldness because in the USA, around 30 million women also suffer problem.

The process only requires local anesthesia and is carried out on an out-patient basis but has become one of the most regular forms of hair restoration for men. It is now possible for women to enjoy this hair restoration treatment that men have been using but it is becoming popular for women who also wish to hide some scarring caused by previous facelifts.

The best result you can go for is to try and recapture how you originally looked when you have hair transplant surgery and not attempt to change your appearance. For a person planning on having hair transplant surgery, all current health issues must be cleared up before any treatment can commence.

Even though hair restoration is a cosmetic procedure, aspects involved are different from other forms of cosmetic surgeries. Fortunately, the science of hair loss and hair restoration is constantly advancing, so if you do not respond to other medical treatments, surgical hair restoration may be the only truly permanent solution to baldness.

Finally! The whole unbiased truth about hair loss exposed. You owe it to yourself to visit hair loss and get the facts today.

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