Tackling Women's Hair Loss Treatment

If you are thinking that the biggest secret that the women in the United Kingdom are keeping from their husbands are their new pair of shoes, then you probably are the most naive person there could ever be. Many of these women have hair loss problems tucked safely in their closets.

It may be surprising but hiding new shoe purchases in the back of the wardrobe or under the bed or cheating on a partner is so yesterday – when it comes to one of the biggest secrets UK women are trying to hide from their husbands, partners and boyfriends.

A lady, who is in about her early thirties, came in my clinic for her first two appointments for treatment of her hair loss, and threatened me that she will not come back anymore unless I give her a back door entrance to the clinic. She was dead worried about his husband knowing that she is starting to lose her hair and she did not want to risk the chance of being caught by someone when she enters the clinic, because they might tell her husband about it!”

“I told her I may also send the hair loss treatments she need in the post instead of her regular visits to the clinic, but she also refused this offer because of fear that her husband might open the parcel. She now sends her friend in regularly to pick up her hair loss treatments”, reveals a Trichologist.

For women who are seeking for professional advice and medication, this is the biggest secret that they always try to hide from their husbands.And in their despair, these women are doing extreme ways just to avoid being seen by other people that they are with their Trichologist.

There are one in every three women in the United Kingdom, who is suffering from hair loss, and the most common age of these women ranges from 25 to 45 years old. Mrs. Salter, who is from the West Midlands admitted that she has applied for a separate credit card just for the payment of her hair loss treatment bills, so that he husband will not find out about the Without Prescription Trichology clinic on their joint bank statements.

“It is like having an affair but with my Trichologist”, she adds.

Trichology is a professional field in medicine that is not very exposed despite its existence in the United Kingdom since the year 1902. The name of this under – exposed profession is coming from the ancient word Trikhos, which basically means ‘hair’, and is defined as the science that is concerned about the health and the diseases of the hair and the scalp. It is then no wonder that women can easily conceal their embarrassment from their partners and hide their hair loss treatments.

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