What You Didn't Know About Women's Hair Loss

Everyone understands very well that hair loss for men is a very difficult condition to deal with. But many people are not aware of how much women’s hair loss occurs in the population, and the impact on women is just as severe. All over the world, women in all societies experience this problem. For women, and much moreso in Western countries, hair loss is extremely embarrassing and causes immense emotional pain. There are social expectations about women and hair, and just one of them is that women don’t, and shouldn’t, lose their hair. So for a woman to experience thinning and balding conditions is just traumatic. Sadly, hair loss affects just as many women as it does men. So, let’s now talk about some of the reasons for women’s hair loss.

Hair loss will be affected by exercise and diet for most women. Make sure you have adequate amounts of protein in your diet because your hair growth depends on it. Men and women have different dietary needs when it comes to minerals and vitamins, so just be sure you have a balanced diet and you get what you need as a woman. You can get what you need from your family doctor, or you can do your research and select an appropriate supplement on your own. It goes without saying that good and safe exercise is important, as well.

Believe it or not, pregnancy can have quite a large effect on a woman’s hair. It can go either way, some women lose hair while others grow more. What often happens with the more hair growth is that it will fall out pretty quickly after her baby is born. It can be quite alarming, especially if this is your first pregnancy. But in time, after hormones and other body chemistries even-out, then the hair will also go back to the former state of normalcy. So the main point is to not let it get you too worked-up.

Menopause has the distinction of causing hair loss in a huge majority of cases with women. Menopause can be a tremendously difficult time for a woman because of all the changes that are happening. Typically, it is only after menopause has occurred in a woman’s life that she begins to experience the bulk of her hair loss. The culprit in this scenario is the dramatic drop in estrogen, and then that causes a host of other changes. Sadly, for women who lose a lot of hair due to this, it will not grow back even if replacement therapy for her hormones is undertaken. But again, you should speak with your physician about possible options.

Unfortunately, in these cases it is not always possible to change medications or treat the hair loss. Your physician is your best bet when it comes to options for dealing with the hair loss. Men’s hair loss gets far more attention than women’s hair loss. The sad part is that the same numbers of women have hair loss as do men. What you’ve read, today, is just a few out of the many causes of hair loss in women. But these are some of the more well known causes.

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