Women Experience Hair Loss

A big problem for females is hair loss. Women think that their beauty gets a beating if their hair is thinned. But if you look great for a women hair loss remedy, you have a lot of choices. But the outcome from these remedies vary greatly. The same treatment may not work for every one.

For treating this problem, you must find the main cause of this problem since hair loss happens due to various reasons. Hair loss might be the effect of your diet, lifestyle and genetic and hormone problems. The moment you know the right reason for the cause, you can have the proper cure. Deciding the right female hair loss treatment, you should also consider your age and the amount of hair fall.

A hormone called Dihydrotesterone is the culprit that causes the thinning of hair. Dihydrotestosterone is produced in the ovaries of women and it is produced in the testicles in men. This hormone is accountable for weakening follicles and thus result to hair fall.

You should have a cure that curb the production of this hormone so that falling of your hair strands stops. Rogaine and Minoxidil are the products that can reduce the production of this hormone. In some women, Saw Palmetto, a herbal treatment, has created fine outcome. Women who have hair loss problem possibly have thyroid problems. Thyroid glands play a major role in the health of a person. Hypothyroidism makes the the womans hair dry and brittle. Thus breakage of hair happens because of this.Hyperthyroidism makes the hair thins very quickly.So, if you treat your thyroid problem, you can cure your problem also.

Hair loss remedy comes from having healthy and nutritious foods. Having enough vitamins and minerals assures of a good hair growth.

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