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Men Who Lose their Hair

Male hair loss can actually be slowed down, halted or prevented by treating the symptoms of andropause. Andropose is the male version of the female menopause – a diminishing of hormone output in the body sometime between the ages of 40 and 55. The symptoms are different for men than for women, but the cause is the same.

Although testosterone is the most prevalent and well-known male hormone, there are others. As a group these male hormones sales are responsible for male characteristics – and they are called androgens. In females, reproductive organs shut down during menopause. That is not the case in males where reproductive organs can continue to operate into old age. But still, as a man ages, the glands supply a smaller amount of hormones.

Not only baldness is a symptom of andropause – decreased muscle mass and strength, loss of libido, insomnia, nervousness, depression, low energy and weight gain can be symptoms as well. So are these results of aging inevitable? What can be done about it? That is what we will explore in the following paragraphs.

When women begin to go through menopause, doctors often prescribe replacement hormones to combat symptoms. Replacement of hormones can be just as beneficial to men. This is called hormone replacement therapy. It is important to know how much of which hormones to replace – not just replacing testosterone – and it is important that the replacements be exactly the same as the hormones the body produces – bioidentical hormones.

Many substitute hormones being sold are not exactly the same as the ones the body produces. Bioidentical means that the hormones match the ones produced by the body. This is important as obviously the body will recognize and use an identical hormone and not use a substitute that differs.

To find out which hormones need to be replaced and in what amount requires medical tests. The amount lost or rate of loss is not the same in every male – age and diet and physique make a difference. So the only way to determine what and how much to take is testing.

Extensive testing and determination of the dwindling supply of hormones in the body, and replacement in the exact amounts needed to return the body to a youthful level or hormones can work seeming miracles for men in middle and old age. Expect symptoms to slow down or even disappear. End hair loss, gain more energy and interest in life, re-invigorate libido, and even sleep better!

Slowing down aging and bringing new vigor into your life is really possible with hormone replacement therapy. Middle age and even old age can be exciting. Thousands of men have done hormone replacement therapy and seen the results. You could, too.

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