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Disaster, Doom And Misery Of Baldness

Everything is in continuous motion from the planets to the atoms and the nucleus. Similarly the cells in older cells already existing that might have worn out and need repair. our body are in motion too. They might be going for the formation of new body structures or replacing.

Same is the case with our hair. Almost 90% of them are growing at any particular instant while the rest are in a resting phase which will soon fall off. Each hair can last from 2 to 3 years on average.

Therefore it is normal to find hair stuck to your comb or hairbrush each day. But alarm bells start ringing only when you find lots of hair on your comb or brush and scalp’s bare skin in place where hair should have been. This is when you start going bald!

Of course nobody wants hair like Samsung in “Samsung and Delilah” but going bald can be anybody’s nightmare. Hair loss like this can affect men, women and children; but in men this phenomena is more commonly visible. For men they can start going bald as early as their twenties.

There are a lot of factors attached to this common occurrence that is now easily treatable. If you’ve had a major surgery or if you are under treatment for a particular illness then hair loss might occur like we see in chemo patients. This loss of hair might be occurring due to any medicine’s reaction like the blood thinners or anticoagulants.

Stress might take its toll on your hair as well. Thyroid gland which is known as the master gland’s mal functioning may also result in hair fall. Baldness can be hereditary and also other factors include lack of iron that causes anaemia and fungal scalp infection.

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