A Comparison Between Nisim Biofactors And Minoxidil

Among the list of countless hair growth stimulators out in the market today, Rogaine is among the most popular brand. Why is it so popular? Well it’s the first thing that pops up on our head once we start to get hair loss. But being a popular product doesn’t imply that it’s the most effective.

Rogaine has a generic name minoxidil and also other brands under this generic are Regaine, Avacor, Loniten, and Mintop. Minoxidil is a vasodilator, basically it dilates or widens the bore of your blood vessels. It was originally used treat hypertension until they found an interesting side effect — it accelerates the growth of body hair. With this finding there is no doubt that Minoxidil works.

Minoxidil effectively works on patients who are in their 40s, the age where hair loss usually starts. It can not stimulate hair in the receeding area and it does not cure regions of hair loss in the late stages or areas that have been bald for a long time. The downside of minoxidil is after you stop using it, new hair will begin to shed off in just a couple of months, this means that this medication should be applied for life. Another problem in some patients who’ve been using minoxidil for a long time is the development of a dry flaky scalp that can cause severe itching. The reason for this is because minoxidil is alcohol-based. Alcohol dries the skin and the longer you use it the drier your skin or scalp gets. In reality, minoxidil is not good for long term use.

It’s common knowledge that chemicals are not good for your health especially when used for a long time. So the best alternative is to use herbal based products like Nisim Biofactors. Nisim Biofactors comprises three products — shampoo, conditioner and a stimulating extract — which are made of natural herbal ingredients making them safe to use daily, even for years. The shampoo and conditioner also contain amino acids and vitamins supplying the hair follicles of all the vital nutrients they need to prevent hair loss.

The stimulating extract contains a special herb that inhibits the effects of DHT. DHT is the reason for the shrinkage of the blood vessels in the hair follicles. This results to hair loss due to insufficient blood supply. With the stimulating extract you don’t need to dilate the vessels because it stops the cause of the constriction in the first place. And once your hair is fully grown you can stop using the extract and just proceed with the shampoo and conditioner.

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