Reasons Behind Teenage Hair Loss

When we’re in our late thirties or early forties, hair loss is really a common problem. Hair loss in our teens is an unlikely event because this is at our prime of growth. Everything is growing in at this age, this is the time when the secondary traits for males occur – deeper voice, more muscle development, growth of facial and pubic hair, and growth in height increases incredibly. In females, the feminine body becomes more intricate or develops more curves, the breasts enlarge and also height increases. Teenagers grow tall in no time at all.

With all these monstrous growth spurts, why do some teens experience hair loss?

Well, teenagers have a lot of things on their mind and they usually neglect the basics of hair care. Without knowing it, they are actually abusing their hair. Teenage girls who always use hair dryers, curling irons, or regularly perm their hair can be victims of hair loss because this extreme heat and chemical styling can make the hair brittle. Not only that, rough handling while brushing and constant hair colour change will definitely put a toll on the health of hair.

During this period of unstoppable growth and fast bodily changes you cannot blame teenagers for neglecting their hair because they too need a lot to learn, this is a critical age of transition from a child to adulthood. To assist your child prevent hair loss at this crucial stage, you should use a nutrient rich, deep cleansing hair treatment like Nisim Shampoo.

Nisim Shampoo is made from a proprietary of blend herbs, amino acids and B-complex vitamins to help nourish and strengthen hair. Unlike regular shampoos, Nisim’s ingredients are natural and herbal derived, no harmful chemicals are used, so it’s safe to use daily and won’t make your hair dry even after years of use. It is so safe it can be used on children and teens. Make Nisim Shampoo your general family shampoo to stop hair loss and to keep hair healthy.

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