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Birth Control Pills Can Cause Hair Loss

Estrogen is a steroid based hormone found both in males as well as females. However, in females it is present in noticeably higher amounts and brings about the breast development and increases the uterine growth for future conception. Estrogen is used as major component of drugs used as oral contraceptives and in the treatment of menopause and hormone replacements. However, the overproduction of estrogen increases the hair growth by 10% which in turn, results in faster hair fall before time leaving behind the noticeable bald patches on head.

Birth Control Pills: Birth control pills are very popular and are available from 1960s. Millions of women use it and very few have had side-effects. It is taken not only for birth control, but for various other reasons such as acne, hormonal problems and irregular periods. One of the side- effects of the pill is hair loss and not many women are aware about it.

Nowadays birth pills are also consumed for treating acne, hormonal problems and regulating menstruation time. However, consuming estrogen as discussed above causes hair fall. In women having history of hair loss the problem must be discussed with the doctor at the time of prescription only as it may lead to baldness even. In women, hair loss varies from little to lot therefore; those prone to it must take extra care as they may lose all of their hair too.

Estrogen and Birth Control When birth control pills are taken more estrogen is produced in the body and due to this the hair grows very fast. The faster it grows the weaker it is. Since hair will be growing at faster pace, it becomes weak and these results in hair loss. If the hair loss is more, then it will be a worry. If it is necessary to take Pills consult your doctor and can ask whether alternatives that is available. Pills with less estrogen might suit you. If an alternative is found for the pill then it might stop your hair loss.

But not taking the pills isn’t the only solution to hair loss. What you can do is using an organic shampoo that is mild and will not damage your hair. In addition, you should have a healthy diet, rich in vitamins and nutrients, zinc, B6. That way you will improve your immune system, which can be the solution for your long lasting hair loss problem. Easy things to do such as choosing the right shampoo or following the right diet can make you more self-confident about you and the way you look.

When you start suffering from hair loss, you can do a lot of things to help you fight against it and after many trial and error processes you can find out what is the best solution for you. You will discover that some of these are useless in your case, some are useful. But these procedures are important for you to see what you need to do and that has to happen before you decide to stop taking the contraceptive pills.

There are many vitamins and Nutrients which will help in reducing hormonal imbalance. Zinc, nettle root and B6 are easily available and can be taken daily. You are the best person to judge about your hair fall and make out what works for you.

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