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What Is Women Hair Implant?

Female hair transplant is basically a operative process whereby skin that has the hair follicles are relocated from one site to another, particularly the area where there is hair thinning. This method is used for females and males as well.

In many cases, this practice can also be employed for repair of eyelashes and even eyebrow. The method is specially used exactly where baldness marks left by accidents and earlier hair transplants are involved. The hair transplants are distinctive from skin grafting.

It has been observed that the healthy hair growing pattern is where a cluster of hair is made of 1-4 hairs and the most up-to-date methods can be used for re-planting these follicular units. The most recent technique for hair transplantation is well known as Follicular Unit transplantation (FUT).

The hair is often transplanted or collected throughout the process of female hair transplant in two ways. The two techniques are known as Strip harvesting and FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction harvesting. Ladies that wish to go through the procedure will need to talk about their priorities and objectives.

Only then can the surgeon advise them on the best way of undergoing the female hair transplant procedure. While some may require a single session, other people may need a number of sessions.

Distinctive measures also have to be taken ahead of the surgery as well. Patients may be asked to avoid from taking alcohol or specific medicines to avoid any resultant difficulties. Specific pre surgical antibiotics may also be given to prevent any graft contamination from occurring too.

The surgeries are commonly done as hospital operation and anesthesia may be prescribed for local application on the scalp. This may generate mild sedation and will typically last for a period of 4 hours solely. Post operative attention is incredibly important and the area should be shielded from sun and shampooing should be done two days following surgical procedure to prevent any scabs from taking place after the surgery.

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