The Best Way To Prevent Male Pattern Hair Loss

In men, hair loss is a common denominator as they age. It is the one imminent problem that they have to face, especially when they have a family history of hair loss. Even women suffer from this genetically transferred menace.

In women, the carrier of the hair loss gene is the mother. This gene will likely be forwarded to their daughters and will also be passed on to their sons. In males, both parents can carry the hair loss gene, that’s why more there are many more men that suffer from hair loss.

This genetic form of hair loss in referred to as Androgenetic Alopecia, also called “male pattern hair loss” in males. The typical pattern in males is a receding hair line. Hair thinning is seen on the crown, until total hair loss is observed leaving only a rim of hair along the sides and back. In worse cases, total hair loss can occur. In women, it is generic online viagra called “female pattern hair loss”, fortunately, women do not suffer from total hair loss, only generalised hair thinning without a receding hair line. Total hair loss is rare in women.

The cause for hair loss in Androgenetic alopecia is DHT or dihydrotestosterone. This is an important hormone derived from testosterone when acted upon by the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase. Unfortunately, this enzymatic transformation from testosterone to DHT occurs on the skin and hair follicles. This interaction slowly hardens the skin of the scalp, shrinking the blood vessels of the hair follicles depriving it of all the required nutrients the hair needs for normal hair growth.

Stop DHT on it’s tracks by stopping it’s production locally at the scalp with the use of Nisim Biofactors. This consists of an herbal based shampoo, conditioner and stimulating extract. The shampoo and conditioner are rich in nutrients and essential vitamins that the hair needs for normal growth thus preventing hair loss. The Stimulating Extract stops the formation of DHT on the scalp, stops skin hardening and promoting hair regrowth.

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