After Hair Bleach Treatment To Take Care Of Your Hair

Bleaching is the process of removing hair of it’s pigment. This involves using hydrogen peroxide and ammonium hydroxide. These chemicals react with melanin in the hair. Melanin is a natural pigment found in hair and the skin. The type of melanin you have defines color your hair. When melanin is removed, the hair becomes yellowish which is actually the color of keratin. Keratin is a protein that makes up hair. Also, hair strands become more porous because the peroxides raises the hair cuticle.

There are a lot of reasons why people bleach their hair. These include wanting to change dark hair to a much lighter shade, adding highlights, or wanting to have that sheer blonde look or stark white locks. Bleaching makes the hair easier to dye since the hair strand becomes lighter and also more absorbent to hair colourants.

However, hair bleaching does have its perils. Since this is a chemical process, the hair strands and hair follicles can get damaged. The result is dull hair that iud is prone to breakage.

You should be careful while bleaching because it’s meant only for the hair, so if some of it has reached your scalp during the process, this can definitely cause chemical burns. You will feel this as irritation and you will eventually see scabbing. This can kill the hair follicles leading the hair to fall out. In extreme cases, the damage can show as patchy baldness on certain areas. It may take a while to grow back your hair and you may even have permanent bald spots if this has caused scarring of the scalp.

On the other hand, continuous exposure to peroxides can also cause extreme hair fall. Long term use of hair bleaches can make your hair brittle, coarse, and prone to split ends, hair thinning and hair loss.

To minimise the damages of hair bleaching, it is best to have it done professionally. It is also not recommended to bleach the hair regularly as even the most diluted peroxide bleaching solution will leave some degree of hair damage.

If you have been a victim of over-bleaching and colouring, better protect your hair and scalp from further damage. A nutrient-rich shampoo that will restore your hair’s moisture is Nisim Shampoo. Nisim will give your hair and scalp the much-needed nutrients and vitamins to bring back shine and strength. Furthermore, Nisim will reduce excessive hair loss within a week.

There are also two other products in the Nisim hair loss range. Nisim Conditioner will add maximum moisture to the hair shaft to reduce breakage. Nisim Stimulating Extract will maximise the natural growth cycle of your hair, useful if you have lost a lot of hair and wanting to stimulate regrowth.

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