Hair Loss In Children Can Be Due To Anemia

hair amoxil loss is not uncommon when you reach your 50s or even your 40s. If baldness runs in your family, then expect that you’ll most likely to lose hair too. However, if you’re only in your 20s or younger, then you should consider consulting a physician because it is most likely associated with a medical condition.

Hair loss in children is rare except of course if they’re being treated with chemo but it does occur and also runs in the family. But if you don’t have any family history of hair loss that manifest at a young age then it maybe due to a medical problem.

Anaemia is seen in children mostly due to lack of intake of important vitamins and minerals and one of its major symptoms is hair loss. Anaemia triggers a type of hair loss called telogen effluvium. Telogen effluvium is condition where all hair is forced to the telogen (resting) stage of the normal hair growth cycle. The telogen stage is the stage where hair is shed off. Normally, this stage consist only 10% of the hair growth cycle compared to the anagen (growth) stage which is 90%. For some reason all hair are reverted to telogen stage causing massive hair loss.

Anaemia in children is usually caused by iron deficiency anaemia or pernicious anaemia. The former is due to decreased iron reserves in the body. The latter is due to lack of vitamin B12 or folic acid though this kind of anemia is found among the elderly due to malabsorption problems. In children, pernicious anaemia is simply to decrease intake of folic acid.

Treating both types of anaemia in children is easy and by taking regular vitamins and eating the right food can reverse all the effects, including hair loss. And in just a few months your child will feel livelier and slowly hair will grow back to normal.

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