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Hair Loss In Children And Online Gaming

Hair loss is a very common problem for everyone. Men, women and children can experience hair loss at one point in their lives but as we grow older, hair loss can be an inevitable event especially for men.

Hair loss can be caused by several factors, but one type of hair loss that is common in children is due to stress. Now what can cause children to be that stressful to develop hair loss? Children today live in a stressful environment especially at school. Kids nowadays have to do crazy things just to be accepted or admired upon by their peers. Another stressful event is too much computer gaming. Kids spend countless hours of game play just to “level up” their character or improve their skills to impress other gamers. These pregnancy games are supposes to be fun and actually they are fun but other children take the games too seriously and what’s supposed to be just entertainment has become an addiction – yes, a gaming addict.

In Korea, some kids just drop and collapse while playing because of lack of sleep and not eating or drinking! . In China, parents are bringing their children to “internet gaming rehabilitation centres” to get treatment because all they do for the whole day is play games.

Do all of this gaming cause hair loss? Yes it will, since it causes stress to a child and at the same time depriving them of a proper meal to stay healthy. Hair is mostly made of protein and a decrease intake of protein provides an unhealthy hair growth which can cause hair loss.

Don’t let your child become a victim of gaming addiction and take control. Of course, you may allow your child to play their favourite game from time to time, so that they can blend-in with their friends but remember to limit their game play. If your child is experiencing too much stress and this led to excessive hair fall, Nisim Shampoo and Conditioner is an all natural herbal based hair treatment that is safe to use even for kids. Nisim is full of nutrients the hair needs to stop excessive hair loss. It’s also safe to use daily because it’s made of natural and herbal ingredients – best for kids!

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Helping Children With Hair Loss

Children can also suffer from hair loss. This may be due to side effects of chemotherapy treatment among kids with cancer. Another cheap amoxil common cause of long-term hair loss is alopecia areata. This chronic condition causes the patchy bald spots seen in patients or sometimes even total hair loss. A non-profit organisation committed to provide these children with donated hairpieces is Locks of Love.

Locks of Love provides hairpieces to children for free, their goal is to help build and increase their self confidence and esteem, enabling them to face their peers.

If you want to donate your hair to Locks of Love, here are some guidelines:

*The minimum requirement is 10 inches. This is what is needed to make a hair piece and anything shorter cannot be accepted. Curly hair can be pulled straight to meet the minimum 10 inches.

* Hair needs to be braided or in a ponytail before donating. Hair that is stored for years is acceptable as long as it is in a ponytail or braid.

* Before cutting, hair must be clean and dry.

*Hair must be placed in a plastic bag and then in a padded envelope.

There cialis at a discount nolvadex online are several hair salons offering free service if you wish to donate your hair to charity.

After donating your locks, you might be wishing to grow your hair faster. It will take about a year for your hair to naturally grow the 10 inches you donated. cheap buy online Ampicillin Drugstore FAST or Fortified Amino is a unique shampoo that can grow your hair up to 45% faster. It is recommended to use in place of your ordinary daily shampoo as it is rich in essential amino acids, B vitamin complex, and natural herb extracts.

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Hair Loss In Children Can Be Due To Anemia

hair amoxil loss is not uncommon when you reach your 50s or even your 40s. If baldness runs in your family, then expect that you’ll most likely to lose hair too. However, if you’re only in your 20s or younger, then you should consider consulting a physician because it is most likely associated with a medical condition.

Hair loss in children is rare except of course if they’re being treated with chemo but it does occur and also runs in the family. But if you don’t have any family history of hair loss that manifest at a young age then it maybe due to a medical problem.

Anaemia is seen in children mostly due to lack of intake of important vitamins and minerals and one of its major symptoms is hair loss. Anaemia triggers a type of hair loss called telogen effluvium. Telogen effluvium is condition where all hair is forced to the telogen (resting) stage of the normal hair growth cycle. The telogen stage is the stage where hair is shed off. Normally, this stage consist only 10% of the hair growth cycle compared to the anagen (growth) stage which is 90%. For some reason all hair are reverted to telogen stage causing massive hair loss.

Anaemia in children is usually caused by iron deficiency anaemia or pernicious anaemia. The former is due to decreased iron reserves in the body. The latter is due to lack of vitamin B12 or folic acid though this kind of anemia is found among the elderly due to malabsorption problems. In children, pernicious anaemia is simply to decrease intake of folic acid.

Treating both types of anaemia in children is easy and by taking regular vitamins and eating the right food can reverse all the effects, including hair loss. And in just a few months your child will feel livelier and slowly hair will grow back to normal.

To grow hair faster, FAST Shampoo and FAST Conditioner is specially formulated for slow growing hair. FAST or Fortified Amino Scalp Therapy is made of a special blend of herbs, B Vitamins, plus amino acids. This will make your child’s hair grow up to 45% faster, with no adverse effects.

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Hair Loss In Women And Children

Hair loss is a common problem that almost all men share. By the age 30, most men start to experience hair loss. Nowadays, women and even children suffer from hair loss. It’s hard to believe hair loss occurs in young children and also, more and more women are experiencing hair loss.

Though it is true that hair loss can occur at any age or sex, studies have shown that the number of hair loss cases in women and children have been increasing. The reason for the increase is that women and children consult a physician whenever they experience hair loss problems. In men, it’s common practice to self medicate because this is what they see what their fathers do when they where young. So it’s just about reported cases here.

Why do children and women suffer from hair loss? Well, the common cause of hair loss in women – just like men – is due to the hormone Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT thickens the skin of the scalp, shrinking the blood vessels supplying the follicles, making them unable to produce terminal hairs. This causes generalized hair thinning in women hence the term “female pattern hair loss”.

Fortunately, hair loss on both women and children could easily be managed and prevented with Nisim Biofactors

Nisim Biofactors is a nutrient-rich herbal based hair treatment that is clinically proven to stimulate hair growth. Nisim Biofactors consist of three products — shampoo, conditioner and herbal extract that work harmoniously together to promote healthy hair regrowth and control excessive hair loss. The shampoo and conditioner are made of natural herbs, amino acids and B complex vitamins that provide all the nutrients the hair needs. The stimulating extract contains the natural DHT inhibitor that works on your scalp. Since Nisim Biofactors are made of natural ingredients, the products are safe to use daily or even for years without causing any undesirable side effects.

Do you have hair loss problems? Body4Real is an expert in hair removal, hair growth & hair loss products for men and women. Visit our website to learn more about hair loss.

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