Know If Saw Palmetto Hair Loss Is Effective

Losing hair is not something anyone wants to go through so rather than suffer from this condition, you should find out how you can eliminate it. You have probably come across Saw Palmetto when looking for ways to treat hair, but what you want to know is if it is actually effective. Discover what you can about Saw Palmetto hair loss treatments because this way, you can do what you can to get rid of your balding problem.

Saw Palmetto is a dwarf palm plant that grows in North America along the Atlantic Coast. It has been used as an alternative medicine for urinary conditions for many years. However, recently it has been found to be an effective herbal remedy for treating loss of hair which is what it is commonly used for today. Particularly, it is known for treating baldness in men and women.

Take note that balding is usually caused by the hormone called DHT. This hormone is present in most men and women who are suffering from hair loss. Saw Palmetto helps in decreasing the DHT count and eventually allows re-growth of hair to occur.

The effectiveness of this herb in causing hair re-growth has been confirmed with doing small lab studies. The study consisted of a small group of participants however most of them were happy with the results of hair re-growth as the herb effectively stopped hair loss. Certainly this plant is successful in reducing DHT levels in the scalp but some people feel that more studies need to be conducted to affirm its effectiveness.

A lot of people still aren’t satisfied with the studies that have been done to proof the effectiveness of this plant which is why more studies still need to be conducted. But with the small studies that have been made, it is clear that using this herb can really stop hair loss and promote hair re-growth which is certainly good enough for many who want to use this for treating their balding problem.

For those that are serious about growing their hair back, they should consider the Saw Palmetto hair loss treatments. While it is true that people can always have a different reaction to the herb as compared to those that have been successful in growing back their hair, it is still worth the shot and you may have nothing to lose.

Hair loss is a condition experienced by many. To know more about what you can do to treat this problem, visit the site on Saw Palmetto Hair Loss .

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