Maintain Your Scalp And Hair Healthy

Taking daily vitamins and eating a proper diet is good for your body. But did you know that by keeping your body healthy can prevent hair loss. This is the reason why some dieters experience hair loss.

Hair is composed of the hair shaft which is the part that you see protruding out of the skin. Underneath the skin is the hair follicle this is where the actual growth of the hair begins, also other organs that support the hair is the sebaceous glands which produce oils that naturally moisten and soften skin and hair. Sweat glands produce sweat is important in controlling the core body temperature and the erector pili muscle which is responsible for having goose bumps. Now the hair bulb which is located underneath the hair follicle is filled with blood vessels. The reason for this is that this is where active hair growth occurs, in fact, this is only part of the hair that is living, the rest of the hair is considered dead.

So imagine, if you have deprived the hair bulb from all the required nutrients it needs to produce hair. Naturally the hair bulb won’t function at an optimum causing the hair to grow thinner and thinner, eventually, leading to hair loss.

Luckily, you can provide the nutrients your hair needs , even on a strict diet and the people from Nisim International have thought of that, that’s why they’ve made Nisim Shampoo.

Nisim Shampoo a deep cleansing, nutrient rich hair loss treatment shampoo that can help you prevent hair loss while you’re having a diet. The shampoo is made of a blend of natural herbs, amino acids and b-complex vitamins that actively nourishes your hair. No harmful chemicals are used so it’s safe buy discount nolvadex to use every day and won’t cause any unwanted side effects, even after years of use.

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